“I can’t wait to tell my mom and dad I used a hammer!” Lainey said.

The kids were so eager to use hammers. It wasn’t as easy as it looked, but everyone persevered and managed to bang in their nails.

Colin was very good at hammering! I was so relieved because I was holding the nails for him!!

The boys were a little reluctant to talk about their hearts. The first few questions I posed were met with smart answers. For example, Question: “What’s in your heart?” Answer:“Blood.”

Describing their art piece was a little easier for them:
“It’s just a heart. It’s multicolored, I like the diamonds. I drew squiggles. I chose pink for the frame because it’s my favorite colour.” M

“It’s just about love and things that are red. I like the diamonds. Hammering the nails was my favourite part.” H

"My heart has wings!!!!!!" Lainey

After they reflected on their hearts, they talked about who and what they each love.

“Who do you love?”
“My mom.” H

“My step-brother, B.” M

“I love my mom, my dad, all of my cousins, and my fish. I also love to play computer, build with anything, and write.” Josh

“I love art, and making my origami.” David

“Dogs.” Colin