This was a great project for Michael and Colin to work on together. Colin loves to draw, and Michael loves to build. So the brothers worked together to create this little scene. In an effort to build his enthusiasm for creation, develop his skill with different tools and mediums, I presented the unfinished ship to Michael, inviting him to paint, draw and build on it as he saw fit.

And what kind of people did he decide to have sail on this ship?
“Pirates. Worst pirates. Yah, they’re bad.” Michael

Michael sculpted a pirate and treasure box out of clay to add to his ship, and drew a pirate hat, and hook onto the sails before putting them on. When the ship was completely finished, Michael practiced drawing his ship, using his observational skills. He payed particular attention to contours, and did a wonderful job.

“Too easy, that was too easy.” –Michael

His success and comfort with this task was great to see, particularly because the previous week, he had been frustrated with the task of drawing a skull and cross bones.

I provided Colin with several pictures of undersea creatures, and he dove right in and began to draw many different sea animals of his choice. His paper looked like a bustling ocean alone, but I asked if he wanted to cut each animal out and put them on a big blue ocean, that he would paint on a sheet of cardboard. He welcomed the idea, which was great, because his drawings would be moved beyond their original context. He would use what he had created, to make a new piece, with more depth and detail. It is a big step in becoming an artist, to develop or envision change in something you’ve just created, and Colin accepted this step readily and happily.