Well this was an exciting challenge! I asked the kids if they could make a colour wheel on the spinner, and they gave it a shot. Accessing their newly acquired colour knowledge, they tried again to put colours in order.

Before the kids tried to make a colour wheel, they all had some fun with mixing whatever colours they chose. They loved the surprise in seeing what happened inside the spinner between certain colours. Some colours got completely obliterated, and other colours reigned all powerful.
Isla loved adding the sparkles to her finished work. All I could think when she was finished was, now if only all these beautiful sparkles actually stuck to the paint…

H and M LOVED the salad spinner. They were so eager to begin.

M: Ooooh hoo hoo! I think you should leave it.
H: That is AWESOME!! That is really cool. I want to do darker colours next. Dark ones. Blue and dark green and purple.
M: Can I do mine now? …. I’m doing some of the brightest colours I can find.
H: That looks pretty nice. You should just add one more colour and then it will be great. Dark blue? Light blue? Yellow?
M: A smidgen of blue.
H: Now I think you should start spinning M.
M: Okay thanks for the tip. (said in the nicest, most pragmatic and genuine way you could imagine.)


The boys yelled “earthquake!” when they spun the spinner because the little table rocked and the bottles jangled together. And their eagerness was through the roof. M was so excited, he began vocalizing his mental planning.

M: For my next one, I'm going to do light green, dark green, and a smidgen of blue. How do you make green again?

H: You got it M, blue and yellow.

Brothers helping brothers, in the art of mixing. They especially loved the experimentation aspect of this art activity. The more they experimented the more purposed their color choices became. Very excited to try new combinations, they could hardly wait for their next turn. And the sounds they made when they opened the lid to see their experiments were of pure delight. Like caffeinated owls. “Hoo, Hoo HOOO!”

M: I think I've made some wonderful things.

Miya: This looks like ketchup!

Jaiden: What if it turns out like butterflies?