Positive Growth
When children are encouraged to bring their imagination to life, and see their visions through to a final product, they grow in immeasurable ways. They grow in their sense of empowerment, awareness, intuition, observational skills, respect for tools, relationships with materials, self-confidence, ability to focus, hand-eye coordination, communication, patience, follow-through, and self-expression. My role as an art instructor is to bring about positive growth, and to awaken the spirit of creation in my students.

Good care and lots of fun
With my education and background I am able and willing to provide adaptations, behavioral support, and more meaningful goals to meet the needs of my students. Although the learning potential is significant and important, I hope that my students feel like they are simply playing, exploring, and having fun in my classes.
I will always plan the activity, use examples, and work along side the children so I can actively model the creative process. As I get to know each student, I will incorporate and engage their interests as much as I can, so that they get as much out of the experience as possible.

Building Relationships
Making art with children is a way to engage, model, build friendship, and encourage communication. It will be key for me to establish good relationships with my students, so that they feel free and comfortable to be themselves, and express whatever it is they are feeling and thinking.

Exploring Mixed Media
Projects might involve using materials such as watercolor and acrylic paints, paper-mache, pencils, felt pens, oil and chalk pastels, beads, found/recycled materials, wood, and textiles. We might make puppets, murals, sculptures, mobiles, or try print-making. Whatever the focus, I’ll take my students through a series of steps to create finished pieces guided by their own imagination that they will be proud of.

Creative Expression

Creative expression is a way for all of us to share our voice. Whether we speak with colour, shape, texture, line, or  wood, paint, paper, textiles, or beads, what we make is a gift to the world. Children deserve to learn that their creations are valuable and meaningful, and that everything they create has the power to communicate thoughts, feelings, wonders, and perspectives.