“I’m going to make an invention it’s going to be called the paint explosion!” -H

The table was secured with a sheet of plastic, the boys were armored with smocks, and Naomi and I were on deck dispensing paint as needed. Today, the class was introduced to a goopy, free, and experimental form of print-making. Each student was given a canvas, and a stack of paper. Their instruction was to goop paint on their canvases, in pattern or random order, and then lay a piece of paper over top to pick up the paint, and create a print! The thicker the paint, the more textured the print, and the boys soon learned how effective it was, and how satisfying to make!
Josh made a print that looked so much like a Monet!
“It’s the pond.”
M took a lot of care creating a rainbow and was happy with the result when he accidentally smudged it.
H favoured darker colours, and attempted to make a heart, but the precision got lost in the printing process. We all agreed that the abstraction of his heart was beautiful anyhow.
David perhaps, used the most paint of all. He achieved some amazing blends and textures and some of his prints looked like a butterfly wing!

“Rachel, can we do this every class?” Josh asked me, as his hands were utterly green and goopy. I told him not every class, but there was certainly going to be more classes with equally fun and engaging projects! Just wait and see!