Some of the labels read:

Forget-That Potion
Agree-with–me Potion: Warning: Only works 24 hours
Friendship Poison
Dead Potion: One drop revives one person
Ex-Mean Girl Potion
Fancy Potion
Lost Thing Potion: One shake will take you back in time
Holiday Potion: Enjoy this with Holidays
Brew-Me-A-Friend Potion: First person to see you becomes your BFF
What to Wear Potion: Shake and see what to wear
Rich Potion: Shake when robber robs house and get it back!!!!!!
Friendship Heart Breaker
Next Holiday Potion: Takes you to the next Holiday with one shake
Lucky Potion: Shake well when having a bad day to turn things around
Awesome Potion: Whoever doesn’t think you are good, will, by a shake.