They love when the goop comes out. The slippery, slimy texture is pretty irresistible to a gaggle of goofy girls. They plunged their hands into the buckets of goop, and slathered it on their tinfoil forms and covered them in paper.

Isla: I made a bowl! I’m going to make mini fruit.

Ellie: This is my ice cream cone.

Isla: Now I’m going to make a banana.

The girls scrunched and crunched up the tinfoil to make their shapes for all sorts of different food. The original idea was a fruit bowl.

Jaiden: I’m going to make a big bowl.

Ellie: I made a big pumpkin!

Isla: A giant piece of salami. This is not my fruit. This is my dolls head.

Ellie: Doll?

Isla: Yah, I’m making a doll. You can. This is my doll’s body. This is a giant cookie!

Miya: I’m making a mini doughnut.

Ellie: I just discovered that tinfoil actually sticks to tinfoil.

And then Ellie discovered something else with the tinfoil.

Ellie: If you put your face in it, you can hear your vibration!

It sounded like a kazoo, or a swarm of bees! And all the girls started trying it. What a cool discovery!

Ellie: It sounds like a herd of elephants.

Jaiden: It sounds really loud when I do it!

When it was time to paint, the girls had a blast. Ellie mixed the perfect mint colour for her minty ice cream, and a perfect golden colour for her cone. The girls had fun with their doughnuts, putting sprinkles on, and didn’t stop at doughnuts! They sprinkled and sparkled all their fruit too. Candy fruit! Candy bananas, candy apples, candy pears in candy bowls.