Miya told me that her favourite part of the winter term was painting her mushroom. She used bright bright yellow, and red spots. She really lathered on the paint thick, making sure she covered up all the newsprint. And Isla wanted to use every colour and painted hers all crazy, like her cuckoo clock. She watched colours mix and blend all over her mushroom, and had such a fun time covering every inch. It was very impressive!

Lainey: Oh cool Isla, look what she did! It’s like a beach ball!

Lainey: The story of how my mushroom became pink and purple is because the fairy dumped all her magic -my fairies have colour magic- and it all fell on the ground, and it sunk down and then my mushroom sucked it up. And that’s how my mushroom became pink and purple. Because they dumped pink and purple colours into the ground near the mushroom. And that’s the royal story of my mushroom.

Isla: What happens if you touch a poison mushroom?

Lainey: Well if you eat a poison mushroom. Oh that’s bad.

Isla: But what if you touch a poison mushroom?

Lainy: I don’t know.

Isla: Mom says nothing.

Lainey: What if you made cookies right after you touched it, and didn’t wash your hands?