Miya had a one-on-one class with me on Febuary 13th, so she decided to do something for Valentiness Day, and did the wood/nail/yarn weaving project. (I wish I had a name for it!)

She got to work right away with crayons and water colours straight onto the plywood. Next, I asked if she knew how to hammer, and she said she did, so off we went to bang in those nails. Miya was very good at hammering right away, keeping on target at all times. Then she told me that it was her first time hammering! She had never actually done it before, she just knew how. I was very impressed with her confidence and skill, and I could tell that she was pretty proud of herself too, rightfully so! Her favourite part came next, weaving the yarn all through and around the nails. She did a lovely job, and then added some jewels to the nails, and a lovely green button border. Lucky is the one who gets this girl's heart!