The process was simple; a plate of milk, drips of food colouring, and then a drop of the catalyst – dish soap. What resulted was a swirling, colourful shape shifting show for our eyes to behold!

Alyssa: That looks like a brain!
Jaiden: A milky brain…
Lainey: It all goes away!
Alyssa: It doesn’t really stop very fast.
Jaiden: That is so cool.
Alyssa: Oh my gosh it looks like a dolphin! You can see different shapes in it, when it forms.. If you’re from where I am, it looks like a flowing river…
Tiggy: It’s a lion, it’s a lion!
Lainey: Oh yah!
Tiggy: Oh, lions gone. Lion’s getting smooshed…
Jaiden: Oh, lion! In the middle.
Tiggy: I see a bird!
Jaiden: Bird? Oh!
Tiggy: I see half a bird!
Alyssa: I see a sailboat.
Jaiden: Sailboat?
Lainey: Sailboat?
Alyssa: I see a plant.
Tiggy: I see a penguin!
Lainey: I see a peacock.
Tiggy: I see a peacock too!
Alyssa: I see a ghost!
Lainey: I see a ghost!
Jaiden: What happens if you add more?
Alyssa: Oh, it just makes new shapes. That looks like a parachute.
Lainey: I see peacock feathers.
Tiggy: I see a fan.
Alyssa: I see a duck with big hair.
Lainey: I see a zombie.
Alyssa: I can see a bird.
Lainey: If you’re from where I am, it looks like a falling waterfall. That’s where the river starts. And then there’s a waterfall, then a bigger waterfall.

The girls huddled around each plate, and we watched one by one, as they each added the soap to their dish of milk and dye.

Lainey: It looks like a giant dress, going out and out.
Jaiden: Oh yah!
Lainey: The person’s going backwards..
Alyssa: I don’t see a person.
Jaiden: I see a monster!
Alyssa: I see dots.
Tiggy: I see a colour explosion.
Alyssa: I see a city. Look at the little city there.
Lainey: I see a turtle. Looks like a warrior turtle somehow.
Lainey: That looks like a wisp.
Jaiden: Oh yah, that does look like a wisp.
Lainey: I see a mermaid’s head. And then her tail, and her arms.
Jaiden: I want to see if anyone else’s makes a wisp.
Jaiden: Oh it looks like a heart kind of!
Lainey: It looks like a girl’s head, see there. There’s her hair.
Alyssa: It looks like a blue bird.
Lainey: Isla’s looks like a black hole! A black hole from space!
Isla: Look there’s a heart.
Alyssa: The soap stays still, but the milk and the dye move.
Isla: I want to draw with the soap.
Alyssa: Woah, you’re really brining the colours back!


Max: Green expands… I’m going to drop it right in the center of my green… How did that happen?!
Hugo: Woah! That is so cool. Could I try dropping a drop while it’s moving…
Look how beautiful mine is. Could I have more soap?
Max: Look, exactly where I put the drop, mine’s expanding out. EXACTLY where the drop was. EXACTLY. We could do this at home, with our mom!
Hugo: Max, your bubble is moving, and where ever the bubble goes, it follows. I noticed that the green goes around the edges. Check this out. Whoa, look at that red line. Rachel, come over here. This looks like some sort of head. That looks realistic as a head.
Max: This is edible, isn’t it?