When I first started putting together my studio space, a friend had mentioned how cool it would be for me to create a special area under the ladder, a cozy little space for kids to go. It was a great idea, but the spot quickly became storage for old paintings, and a lampshade collection that I still don’t know what I am going to do with. Anyway, my dear old dad was building me a little light table, and I needed somewhere to put it so I layed down some soft rugs and the little spot became the perfect space for experimenting with light. Maggie liked the cozy spot too!

When the boys saw it, all of them were so excited and huddled around the table experimenting and creating pictures with coloured transparent objects. They all co-operated and worked and observed together.

“Let’s make some zig zags”

“Look how bright the red is!”

"Let’s make obstacles.”

“This is my display. There’s me and there’s you. We’re at the top there, M.”