Located on Rifflandia's Main Street, kids will have a choice of a variety of activities with the suggest donation of $2.00 -$5.00 each, all proceeds will go to Rifflandia's official charity War Child Canada.

Kids 10 and under are free at the Rifflandia Park Stage, when accompanied by a wristband wearing adult.

All children 10 years of age or younger must be registered in advance to be eligible for a free Rifflandia Park Pass.

All info can be found here: Rifflandia.com/Kids

Check out the spread in the Times Colonist! 

E: Why do you call it Shyness and Bloom?

L: Oh, I know. Before you come here you’re shy, and then you come here, and you bloom into a…

S: Artist!

A: I like all the art materials… All the gadgets around… Oh, I like that light.

L: I like it how you don’t copy each other. We just do it our way. Because I don’t like copying! I learn by painting my own way.

S: And you can make whatever you want to make. You get to be creative.

M: I like that you get to be adventurous.

A: There was this kid in my old art class, and every single class he would paint his nose blue. Every. Single. Class.

Also, there will be a chance to win a free term at Shyness and Bloom, enter to win with WinLandia! (at Royal Athletic Park Sept 13-16th)