The symphony splash! Look at the size of this crab! Mixing the sawdust and water and glue, that we later formed into bowls, but before they dried, they went all mouldy! YUCK! Maggie! She came to the beach with us, and Emma wrote a new song, The dragons! Look at this epic moat! This sand castle was a whole city, surrounded by a very very deep moat. The girls were determinded diggers, that's for sure! A squirrel in the making. Goopy! Coffee filter tye-dye in the sun... Playing with the dollhouse... Playing with their little house village... Record player spinning!!!!! Artists or dejays? The coffe filter art displayed so nicely... The colourful, sparkly treasure boxes. All the girls helped set up the final art show on Friday, displaying their creations to show their parents when they came! The girls made this sign for our final art show. A tresure box with my name on it!!!??? beading a necklace. So many necklaces and bracelets were made, and so many were accidentally dropped too. Oh well. Hanging out... having a laugh. sisters... Artist at work. Look at this cute little hedgehog! Isabella wearing her quilt everywhere she went!