There are times when mixing colour is just about fun, freedom, experimenting, and playing. These kids are never known to turn down an opportunity for SPLATTER PAINT!!!

Lainey: Yellow is taking over!
Abi: Blue is taking over now.
Isla: No green is, green is, green is!

H was so excited when he caught on that I was setting up for them to splatter paint.

Carson: What are we doing? Huh? Here?
M: Carson just to let you know, you could get a little messy on this.
H: Awesome! You’re supposed to get messy! Who likes getting messy!
M: I do!
H: I love!

Carson had to learn how to manage the big bottles, and how to really get the paint out of the bottles effectively. There was a whole lotta shaking going on! M and H paid serious attention to the product of their splatter painting. They were conscious of the colour balance of the final piece.

H: Any other magnificent colours, Rachel?
M: I think we need more purple.
Rachel: Where?
H: Right here.
M: Oh Carson, that’s a beautiful job, I think you should stop right there.
Carson: It’s cause I go like this.

Carson demonstrated a swinging motion of the pink paint bottle. He was definitely learning technique!

Carson: Could I go two greens? Both of the greens.
M: Carson, are you going to use both of the colours at once?
Carson: Yes.
H: I’m gonna try that!

I told the about Jackson Pollock, and how he made paintings by splattering paint and Carson connected right away.

Carson: Like I do.
H: Like this!
M: We’re kind of like missile launchers.
H: Bing bing bing!
M: Okay, Carson, I think that’s…
Hguo: I think we’re FINISHED.
M: Yah, I think we’re finished. Definitely.
Carson: Well I’m not! I’m going to use one more colour.
M: Okay, one more then we’re done.

Carson fired one last glug of orange paint.

Carson: That should do it!
M: Okay, Carson stop. Please stop.

And it was finished.











Jaiden: There I made kind of like a face. Oooh. Looks really good.
Miya: Ah. Polka dots of orange.
Jaiden: Stripes.
Miya: Can I use purple? Purple makes good stripes.
Jaiden: You shouldn’t throw this away. It looks too good.
Miya: Ooh. The two blues look good together.
Jaiden: Oh! White.
Miya: Don’t do it all over. I’m doing green on top of the white.
Jaiden: I’m done.
Miya: Oh can I have the white? Oh, look at that! Bird poo.
Jaiden: It’s beautiful.
Miya: It actually looks like eggs now.
Jaiden: If you look at it, we’re actually mixing colours. Oh! A silver moon! I’m going to cover it.
Miya: I’m going to use more white. It looks like bird poo.
Jaiden: Put a whole splat right here. We need an egg right here.
Miya: Milk!
Jaiden: Milk, milk, milk, yolk, yolk, yolk.

Alyssa and Evie got a turn with the splatter painting the canvas on their first day.

Isla: It’s orange city.
Alyssa: Because orange is the only one not used up.
Evie: Orange!

They squirted colours until the bottles ran dry, and once they did Evie and Isla couldn’t help but get their hands in it. They watched the colours mix until they turned brown, and I had them clean off their hands and stamp the floor with their hand prints.