Isabel’s main project this term was the much-adored dollhouse. Except, this time, Isabel took this project to a whole new level, with the biggest dollhouse yet. We found this big shallow box that was perfect for the job. Isabel was keen from the start, and although a huge undertaking, she didn’t want to cut any corners.

She began with a cardboard form, and applied paper mache over the sides to strengthen and clean up the edges. Isabel worked efficiently and happily to get it all done fast. She made thoughtful and timely decisions on the wallpaper, not wasting a moment of her valuable hour. I assisted with each process, working as a team with her to see her vision through.

Isabel worked quietly and happily each class, and I could see her excitement building as she progressed in her work. Neither of us could believe how quickly the time passed. The hour always seemed to pass without us even noticing!

Isabel lost herself in the wonderful little details for her house. Bowls of food on the table, homework on the desk, knobs on every sink, computer, remote control, not to mention all the furniture! And the lighting! She even turned globs of glue that leaked out of the glue gun into modern art for her dollhouse. They look great up on the mantle!

She became an expert with the glue gun, the saw, and finding her way around the studio, sourcing out materials and inspiration from all around. It was great to see her begin to lead the project on her own, as she got into the zone, talking to herself, feeling free to be herself, and making decisions from a genuine creative spirit.