I’ve been noticing a real sense of humor emerging in M and H, along with a willingness to learn, to try out new theories and develop ideas. They have become increasingly apt at deciding on materials, imagining possibilities, constructing and planning in their heads.

I asked the boys if they would be willing to jump into the house theme that seemed to have emerged this fall. With no lack of motivation and eagerness, they responded, "I would love to do that.” M said, “Totally, it’s my kind of thing.”

From the start he wanted to make a haunted house, and H happily jumped on board with that idea and off they went. First order of business was perfecting the black paint with small dabs of white to ever so lightly lighten it up.

M: I think I’m just going to paint it black so it looks abandoned. It really brings out the haunted detail.
H: I’m going to make a cracked window. Do you have white cotton?
Rachel: To make spider webs?
H: Yah! Like fog and…
M: Yah, to attach spider webs from here to the tip. And then we could make cardboard giant spiders.
H: Just like fluffy… cotton like, the stuff that would stretch.

Rachel: Okay, I’ll find some. So what makes a house haunted?

M: Scary pictures, cobwebs, no bathroom.
H: Ghosts. Where’s the little ghost that I made? We’ve already got the ghost part covered. Spiders.
M: Phantoms.
H: A phantom is a zombie dressed up in black and he’s got blood red eyes.