H and M were both very excited about the idea of creating a pegboard game. They had a good lesson in creating a grid with a ruler, measuring 1 inch squares, and independently pounded nails into every grid crossing. All that hammering! 80 nails each!

From the beginning, I wasn’t sure what would be the best way to paint the boards, when I asked M and H what they thought would be best to paint with, they asked if they could splatter paint them. I think splatter painting is M and H’s favourite way to paint, and I don’t blame them. Shaking the bottle and watching colours interact in intricate patterns is kind of mesmerizing.

H: Look, a mitten. I made a mitten right there!

We kept talking about how the game could be played, and the boys started to get a good solid picture in their heads of how it was going to work.

M: I think it would be more fun with the elastics because with the elastics, the ball would go on a very special path.

H: You could take all the elastics off, change them around. Like you change the channels.