Lainey: I’m making the queen of all the fairies.

Isla: Who made this one?

Jaiden: Mine is going to have long hair.

Lainey: She’s the queen of all the fairies!

Isla: I want mine to be the queen of all the fairies.

Rachel: You all can have queens.

Jaiden: Wait! A princess of all the fairies, and a queen of all the fairies! A princess and a queen!

Rachel: You know how there can be fairies of different types of flowers, and fairies for different things.

Lainey: Like in Tinkerbell, and Tinkerbell is a tinker fairy. And Misty.. what’s her name.. and Rosetta the flower fairy.. Mine’s the queen. My fairy's job is to be the queen.

Miya: I want mine to be a princess.

Jaiden: The longest hair….


Isla: Mines going to be the queen… of the elves.

Lainey: Then you have to make an elf queen.

Jaiden: Bells on her dress!

Jaiden: Maybe I could make a little bowl for her. Hey wait, where are those bowls again? Remember when I made the cereal. I’m thinking of that kind of thing.

Lainey: Have you played with your dollhouse yet?

Jaiden: What dollhouse. Oh. Yah.

Lainey: I’m going to make another fairy. Then I’m going to make an elf. For Isla’s kingdom.

Jaiden: Putting the spoon somewhere. Spoon is gonna be orange… just a little piece of… string! Now it looks like a spoon! There!.. right there.

Isla: Look at my fairy on top! My fairy is on top of there!

Lainey: Hey we could make muffins for their houses!

Jaiden and Lainey both put bells on the dresses of their little fairies. I asked them what it means when other fairies hear the bells jingling.

Lainey: It means the Queen’s coming, the Queen’s coming!

Rachel: How about yours Jaiden?

Jaiden: Well. Mm. nothing really.

Lainey: How about all the important fairies have bells, because then people will know, Oh here comes an important fairy. I should get out of the way for her.

Isla: I need jingle bells on mine! Because mine is an important fairy.

Jaiden: Yours is an important fairy?

Lainey: Important fairies have bells so everyone knows that they’re coming.

Isla: Can you help me glue these on?

Lainey: I put mine on string so they jingle better.

Jaiden: Mine aren’t.

Lainey: Oh I’ve got an idea to make her the queen. Sprinkle glitter all over. See. Now she’s the queen.

Isla: Now how does my important fairy look? On top?

Jaiden came to class with a pocket full of little foam butterflies and dragonflies. She got the idea to bring them into the fair world they were building.

Jaiden: Maybe everyone could have a little pet. Do you want your fairy to have a little pet?