I suppose this is what happens when you take an artist, who gets a creative writing degree, self-publishes a few books, and then later becomes an educator!

If you are interested in having me come into your class to work with your class on a book project, I would love to hear from you! Anything is possible!

Here are some of the titles and projects I have done so far:

Where the Wild Things Are
A few years ago, while working at St. Michaels Junior School, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Kindergarten teacher to make a book with the class. They were studying “Where the Wild Things Are” and the children each painted a monster and then told me about their monsters in an interview. With that information, I wrote them their own version of the story, where each child got to meet his or her own wild thing.

Habitats from A-Z
Grade 4 students each took on a letter or two from the alphabet, and researched all the habitat and animal related info for their letter. Creatively, and texturally the students created their pages.

A Poet’s Life
Grade 4 students used their poetry and treasured keepsakes from home to create their personal page. The mementos and words combine to paint a beautiful picture of the students’ unique personalities, and vibrant characters.

Wildlife Book Project
Grade 4 students each chose an animal, and wrote about and created dioramas highlighting interesting facts and information about their habitats.

The Wonder of Water
4 year old, Pre-K girls at St. Margaret’s School explored their connection to water, and expressed a love and respect for water in their words, art and play that is simply priceless. This is a beautiful 70 page book, highlighting each girl’s unique voice, connection to water, and innate wisdom.

The Fairy Project
This book is a compilation of the studies of Kindergarten students, who got to expressively stretch their imaginations and secret childhood knowledge of fairies. Their conversations and stories, personal experiences and sense of wonder is showcased in these books along with letters to fairies, fairy dust recipes, photos of fairy houses that they built, and more.