Miya and Jaiden loved the very softest scraps of material that they found in the studio. Jaiden would rub the material on her face and delight in the sensation. “Oooh… cozy…”

I asked Jaiden and Miya what their favourite project was this term, and there was no question to them, that it was making their own stuffies. They are so proud of their new little friends!

At first Miya wasn’t sure about using the sewing machine, but I encouraged her to try, and once she did, she realized that she was more than capable of doing it herself! She had amazing control with the foot pedal. “It’s easy!,” she told Jaiden when it was her turn to try.

Miya had come with some experience, which gave her the confidence to try each step of the bunny building experience.

Miya: I know how to hand sew. I did it in kindergarten after school care.

Miya did wonderful work. She is certainly filled with quiet determination and confidence.

Jaiden: I can cut them how skinny I want them! I don’t want to do hand sewing.
Miya: Then you have to do button eyes.
Rachel: What colour would you like?
Jaiden: Blue.
Rachel: Light blue or dark blue.
Jaiden: Light blue, my eyes are light blue.

She looked for light blue buttons that would work, but couldn’t find any that she liked. She decided on black buttons, and found two that were a close enough match.

Jaiden got a kick out of the sewing machine.

Jaiden: It’s like a woodpecker!

Jaiden noticed that turning her bunny’s arms and legs inside out after sewing them, was like turning socks inside out.

Jaiden: Some of my socks are this little,, and I can’t fit my feet into them. My brother has socks like this.


Jaiden: As soon as I can take my stuffy home, I’m sleeping with it in my bed.
Miya: After the art show.

Miya and Jaiden put hearts inside their bunnies, with secret messages written on them before they sewed them all up. Jaiden named her bunny Belle, and Miya named hers Bun Bun. The colourful little bunnies are soft and squishy and made with so much love. Perfect for a hug.